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Boone’s adventures

life after osteosarcoma and amputation

Boone’s adventures

The 2 week mark is really a thing!

June 11th, 2018 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

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16 days post surgery today and everything is better!  For the first 10 days, Boone was not progressing.  He just layed on his bed and would collapse trying to walk.  I was certain I had made a mistake and he would not be ok.  I started to think he was depressed.  I began to womder how I would care for a dog that can’t stand up and walk and doesn’t want to.  I had read stories of dogs walking the day of surgery and how resilient dogs will be.  Boone was not recovering and I was in a panic.  Many people said that the first two weeks are the worst, so I was waiting for that mark to arrive.

Towards the end of the second week, Boone started getting up and walking a little.  He would get himself over to the other side of the room or switch positions.  He still seemed very depressed and just a few steps seemed so difficult and exhausting.  He would fall every time he needed to go out.

But then…. I arrived home on Sunday (day 15), and Boone was at the door with his ball in his mouth!  Something switched, and all of a sudden, Boone was back. It literally happened overnight.  He is back to chasing the cat, barking at the cookie cabinet, circling the dinner table etc.  I have never been so happy to see his naughty behavior!

For anyone else feeling like its not getting better, the 2 week mark is real!



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  • dawn3g

    When we were deciding whether or not to go ahead with the surgery we called a friend from our adoption group whose dog had the amputation. She told us the same–it was like a switch was hit, her dog went from really rough shape to awesome overnight–at that 2 week mark!

    Glad to hear things are coming together for Boone!! Good boy, Boone!!

  • tlahaye

    So glad to hear this . . . we try not to lead folks astray.

    Part of that is by week three, the pain meds are generally reduced, but regardless, this is great news.

  • jerry

    WHEW! and WHEW!

    Oh my gosh this totally made our day. You had us worried with your previous post. I’m soooooo hoppy to hear he’s doing well. WHEEEE!!!

    Let us know if you need help adding photos, we would love to see some.

    Go Boone!

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